Nathan’s Back!

nathanasnathanOf course, in my heart, he never really went away. Despite that miserable final season of Castle,  I know he’d land on his feet. And of course he has.

For a number of years, the main reason people seemed to visit this site (other than book reviews and shameless self-promotion of my own books, of course) was to contemplate the magic that is Nathan Fillion. Don’t believe me? I have the stats to prove it. For a while, it seemed like Nathan should be paying me his publicist’s fee. But then I got busy with career stuff and kid stuff and marriage stuff and library stuff and kind of neglected Nathan for a while.

Today, I intend to start rectifying that mistake!

So here’s Nathan in a short fan film, I think it first popped up at San Diego Comic Con this month.  It’s Nathan as Nathan. Nathan Drake, that is. Apparently, Nathan Drake is a video game version of Indiana Jones. So maybe a male Lara Croft?

Who cares, it’s Nathan-licious and that’s what counts, right? More Nathan news to come, fellow Fillion fans…


Did Ya Miss Me?

a long absence semi-explained and a brief tribute to Bowie.

Egad! Five months! I must have really been busy, eh?

Well, kind of. We’re working on getting the house ready to sell – always a nightmare, but more so when a barfy, senile, half-blind cat and Dr. Sheldon Cooper are involved. To be honest, Dr. Cooper has been pretty low-maintenance these days (KNOCK WOOD VERY, VERY LOUDLY). It’s almost like he’s growing up or something…

I promise to get back to blogging more frequently, if only because we’ve put the house selling on hold until the fall, when Dr. Cooper will be (gulp) living in HIS OWN APARTMENT near the campus of the college he’s attending in the fall. Right now, it seems like said college has some meeting or orientation or pep rally every five minutes, so it’s been hard for any of us to focus on anything other than college in the Fall.

There’s also a trip to Toronto/Stratford/Niagara coming up soon. I’d be excited about it if it didn’t involve flying there.

I’ll also be back soon with some things to say about the horrible, horrible Castle conclusion and the sad kluster*ck of bad publicity that surrounded it – and what it says about the value placed (or not placed) on female stars of shows. (Yes, I’m also looking at you Sleepy Hollow.)

Last but not least, I am still trying to find the words to say how incredibly sad and broken up I am about the death of David Bowie. It’s embarrassing how sad it makes me. I never met the man, only saw him live in concert once, but he was truly an idol for me. When I heard the news on the morning of his death, I sat down and burst into tears as if my mom had just died again. I have played so much David Bowie music lately, that even Dr. Cooper (he who would prefer listening to the King’s College Choir) is starting to appreciate the guy’s oeuvre.

In fact, there’s nothing I can say that doesn’t pay tribute to him half as well as this does:

Nathan’s Back and Alan’s Got Him!

nathan-fillion-alan-tudykSo no doubt like me, you are wondering what the HELL is going on with Castle, and why, if they will never let Castle and Beckett be together for more than five minutes at a time, why they don’t just kill off Beckett? I mean no offense to Stana Katic, who was a great kick-ass cop in the first few seasons, but her character’s storyline has gotten so convoluted and weird, I just don’t care anymore.

Personally, I kind of wish they’d just kill Beckett off already, then make a spin off show about a widowed novelist-turned-inept detective and his very ept daughter played by Molly Quinn (like a combination of “Remington Steele” and “8 Simples Rules for Dating My Daughter”). But maybe that’s just me.

Anyway, if you’ve given up on Castle and there’s a Nathan Fillion-sized whole in your life, cruise over to Vimeo and check out Con Man instead. Granted, Nathan only makes the occasional cameo appearance in this hilariously geeky new web series from Alan “I’m a leaf on the wind” Tudyk. But there are scads of other fabulous cameos too: Wil Wheaton, Sean Astin, Tricia Helfer and Sean Maher just to name a few.

The show is an acid-dipped love letter to all the geeky denizens of the SF Con world (I include myself in that universe, because even though I’m a lightweight when it comes to attending these things, my geek knowledge runs deep, people.) Alan Tudyk is very funny as one of those also-ran minor sci-fi celebrities. He’s higher ranking than a redshirt, but has not managed to parlay his time on cult show “Spectrum” into a flourishing film career. He has a sad, Eeyore-like demeanor while folks like Sean Astin keep showing up and trying to get him to enjoy the perks of being a geek icon. But even when he tries, it does not go well. There’s a little more bathroom humor in the first three episodes than I really like, but that goes away as Ray (Tudyk’s character) gets himself into weirder and weirder predicaments. Each episode is only 10-15 minutes long too, so you can easily check it out on your lunch break at the office. A definite thumbs up!

Here’s a link to Entertainment Weekly’s story about the series.

I think everyone can access the first three episodes now on Vimeo. I’m special, I helped my good buddies Alan and Nathan to fund this baby via IndieGoGo, so I’ve already gotten to see ALL the episodes, thank you very much. You’ll have to settle for those first three right now, but I’m sure the other episodes will be available to everyone soon. And you’re going to love them.



It Will ALWAYS be the Year of Captain Tightpants

I decided to check out my WordPress stats, which was silly, since I haven’t had much time for blogging this year. But I am pleased and amused to report that the top search terms which led folks to this here blog are once again those classics: “Captain Tightpants” and “Fear of Drowning in a Car.”

resqme-yellow-keysFor those of you who share my dread of going anywhere near water while in a car, there’s this to offer you a false sense of safety. I keep it on my keychain, so I’ll know where to find it when the car hits the water and I begin to panic. Of course, I am a LOUSY swimmer, which is a large part of why I fear drowning in my car, so probably the ResqMe tool will be utterly useless. But not due to any design flaws on their part, my husband The Engineer informs me.



Now, for those of you who came here for a dose of Captain Tightpants, I offer you the following delights:

Serenity: Leaves on the Wind – a graphic novel by Zack Whedon!


Firefly Clue. But it really only makes sense if JAYNE did it. Every time.











And while it’s not Captain Tightpants, there’s always this. Yeah, he still cleans up pretty nice.

My Favorite Pin

I love Pinterest. I know a lot of people don’t get it at all. They think it’s the ultimate time waster. But it’s turned out to be a fabulous place to save all those recipes I stumble across on the Interwebs, as well as a great place to save story ideas, favorite books, favorite quotes ~ and of course, favorite pics of Hollywood heartthrobs. Right now I’m sure you are asking yourself: What is Lynn’s most popular pin on Pinterest?

Surprisingly, it is not the picture of lemon cake for the Pinterest board promoting the cookbook, Bake, Love, Write to which I just contributed.

Nor is it one of the fabulous quotes about writing by Neil Gaiman or some other Word God. It is not even any of the many pictures of my erstwhile boyfriend Nathan Fillion or my current #1 boyfriend Tom Hiddleston.

Actually, the fave pin on my board is this very yummy Esquire magazine photo of Corey Stoll.


You’re welcome.


[* Corey is currently being cruelly forced to battle both zombies and a floppy toupee in the creepy Guillermo del Toro TV series “The Strain.” He previously caught my eye in an epically witty performance as Ernest Hemingway in Woody Allen‘s “Midnight in Paris.” But his very best role to date has to be the troubled, doomed congressman Peter Russo in “House of Cards.”]



Breaking Up With My Boyfriend



In the beginning, he was a bad boy — but strangely irresistible. The sort of man you felt almost compelled to obey.



Then he reformed. He became dashing and daring, trim and handsome beyond belief. He rescued damsels in distress, followed his own quirky code of honor and wore some amazingly tight pants. fillionfirefly1




And sometimes no pants at all!





Then he hit the big time, and for a while, it was grand. The book signings, the card games, the feisty, sexy sidekick who spoke Russian and knew how to handle a gun. I didn’t even mind that she was a girl, or that she wasn’t a very good actress.


She was almost as cool as he was, and they seemed to be having such fun together. And she could kick some butt. It was a fun ride.

But now, six years on, the thrill is gone. The worst thing possible has happened to Nathan and to Castle — success. An excess of success, in fact. The old reruns are on constantly, and the network just keeps on renewing this ratings powerhouse. The writers keep producing scripts and the actors keep acting, but I have a feeling the incredible greed of everyone involved is the only real reason Castle continues to occupy airwaves. Does anyone really still care at all whether these two crazy kids finally tie the knot?

Around Season Four, I stopped caring. And frankly, it looked to me like Stana Katic and Nathan Fillion didn’t much care anymore either. But I kept watching, because they were like old friends. Boring old friends, but friends nonetheless. After all, they still sometimes made me laugh and Nathan was still Nathan.

This season, they really had me going for a few episodes. This was going to be the BIG SEASON. Finally, those two crazy kids really WOULD tie the knot! The entire season was built around it. And the finale was almost note-perfect. A return to the quirky humor and wacky shenanigans of early seasons. And a surprise visit from every sci-fi geek girl’s favorite lovable goof, Eddie McClintock. After discovering she’d drunk-married Eddie some fifteen years earlier and going on a quest to dissolve the marriage, Beckett at last stood in a palatial vacation home in the Hamptons, donning her mom’s wedding dress for the big day. The setting was perfect and the outdoor wedding in the garden could have been a lovely finish to the episode, the season, and even the series.


But no. The Powers That Be decided to repay six years of fan loyalty and an entire season of romantic build-up with a flaming car wreck and a missing Rick Castle. Because apparently, there is no fate more boring and wretched than finding your soulmate, recognizing that person as such, and — well, you know — settling down. Ewwwww! Better to make everyone think the hero is dead in a flaming car wreck than to do something as icky as have him get married.

I would like to think that Nathan did his part. I would like to think that he at least questioned it a bit, that he glared at the writers when they gave him the last page of the Season Finale script. Maybe he arched his eyebrow in that manly way and lowered his head (so that he could get down to their eye level). Maybe he even said: “Seriously? Are we seriously doing this?” And then probably he talked to his agent and cooler heads prevailed. And good for Nathan, because once this show ends, he’s probably going to be set for life financially. So I don’t blame him at all.

But I just can’t stay with him anymore. I’m breaking up with my boyfriend. Next season, I won’t be tuning in to find out what really happened to Rick Castle. Because as far as I’m concerned, he made it to the Hamptons on time and in one piece, married his sweetie and then Castle faded to black for good. THE END.

Cue spin-off series featuring Ryan and Esposito.



Cheating on Captain Tightpants


Yes, it’s true. I’ve been cheating on Captain Tightpants. If you read this blog, then by now you must know of my great love for Nathan “Captain Tightpants” Fillion. No, he doesn’t really do the tightpants look  in his current role as Richard Castle. The ugly truth is, I think he’s put on a few too many pounds these last couple of years. Also, there’s an age where the tightpants look just starts to seem a little desperate. I’m not pointing any fingers in accusation, mind you, since I too am now at the age and the weight which preclude looking sexy in tight pants. But surely you know I’m not so shallow as to be cheating on my man because of his age or his weight.

No, it’s more because he’s not there for me anymore. That’s usually what causes a relationship to end, isn’t it? I have to say that Castle has been looking tired for a couple of years now. For one thing, Castle himself has gone from charming bon vivant uber author to angsty, irritable househusband. Writing itself is rarely mentioned anymore and his regular poker games with real life novelists like James Patterson disappeared several seasons ago. This could work as a story turn too: maybe Castle could whinge about having severe writer’s block, meet with an angry agent or two, endure a sneering article in The New Yorker about what a has been he’s become. But no, we just never talk about it at all. He follows his woman around like a loyal puppy dog and seems to have no other goal in life. Frankly, it’s getting dull. And not just dull for me. Stana Katic and Nathan Fillion both look like they would rather be phoning this stuff in from their trailers. And who can blame them? Once you resort to the “Oh no! What will we do with this crying baby?!” plot device, it’s really time to turn out the lights and go home.

Nathan and Tom Lenk as the bumbling cops in "Much Ado."
Nathan and Tom Lenk as the bumbling cops in “Much Ado.”

I loved Nathan’s turn as a bumbling cop in Joss Whedon‘s brilliant Much Ado About Nothing, so don’t get me wrong. I firmly believe Captain Tightpants and his roguish wit are still hiding somewhere inside Nathan Fillion. But we probably won’t see that side of him again until he moves on to a new project. I’d like to tell you I’m cheating on Nathan with Dylan McDermott or James Spader, long time loves of mine who are starring in shows in the same time slot as Castle. But alas, both shows leave me cold. Instead, I’ve been DVR’ing someone else and watching him when I should be watching Nathan.

misonI’m sorry, Nathan, so sorry. But you just can’t compete with the surreal terror and wacky humor of Sleepy Hollow. This show is such a weird hot mess of wonderfulness, I cannot look away. The cast is brilliant — who knew Orlando Jones could play it serious? And as a police captain no less? Nicole Beharie  and Lyndie Greenwood bring so much barely repressed rage to their relationship as estranged sisters, it’s better than The Young and the Restless. And then there’s Tom Mison, a man so charismatic and sexy, he can actually carry a prime time TV show while speaking Middle English. Castle just can’t hold a candle to scenes like that.

Although I could totally envision a revitalized, post-Castle Nathan Fillion popping up in Sleepy Hollow. Perhaps as a mysterious priest whose real loyalties are somewhat ambiguous. Oh hey, we could call the character Caleb