Book in a Minute: Catching Dreams

Catching DreamsCatching Dreams by Karin Celestine
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

How are there not tons of reviews of this sweet little book?!

This is an adorable and very quick read. Part of a delightfully illustrated series about a little animal family featuring Baby Weasus, a baby weasel adopted on Christmas Eve by King Norty, King of the Weasels. And featuring their equally adorable friends, Panda, Emily and Small.

In Catching Dreams, Baby Weasus has a bad dream. King Norty gives him a dreamcatcher, and later, Weasus wants to return the favor, so Emily teaches him how to make one of his own. Each book in the series features a simple craft like this, with instructions on how to make the item.

We shelve these books in our children’s picture book section at the library where I work, but they would make excellent gifts for older kids too. And fun little party favors, even for grown-up occasions like baby showers.

I love these books and am on a quest to tell the rest of the world about them!

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Book in a Minute: David’s World

David's World: A Picture Book about Living with AutismDavid’s World: A Picture Book about Living with Autism by Dagmar H. Mueller
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A moving depiction of life with someone on the autistic spectrum. This picture book follows the narrator as he explains his quirky and often infuriating brother David, who is autistic. The story does a beautiful job of depicting the everyday challenges of living with an autistic child, but also points out the unexpected gifts and talents of someone like David.

This is a wonderful book to give to the siblings of children on the autistic spectrum, and would also be good to share in classroom story times to raise awareness and foster acceptance of classmates on the spectrum. It’s a bit wordy, so probably better for older children, but definitely worth including in a read-aloud story time.

David’s World would also make an excellent gift for the parents of newly diagnosed autistic children. It explains what to expect in a simple way that is probably easier to absorb than all those long-winded adult books by experts. I know I wish I’d had a book like this when Dr. Cooper was a child.

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