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I had a MySpace page, but it died of loneliness.

Cool Sites (and useful organizations) for aspiring writers:

Guppies — an online chapter of Sisters in Crime, which is a great organization that aims to promote greater recognition and respect for women mystery writers

WOW – Writers’ Online Workshops. Great writing classes online from Writer’s Digest magazine.

Some great sites from fellow writers.

(Some are personal friends, others are just brilliant writers. Some of them have turned blogging into an art form.)

Ann Whitaker — Chick lit with a Texas twang. Also, there are dogs, so how can you go wrong?

Cara Marsi — Romance at every heat level, from sweet to “don’t-let-your-mom-know-you-read-this.”  Also specializing in lovely reworkings of classic fairy tales into stories of modern love.

Jungle Red Writers — a fun group blog by a lot of the best (women) mystery writers working today.

The Bloggess — the funniest woman on the Internet. I kid you not.

Terrible Minds — the hilarious and often profane thoughts of author Chuck Wendig. He also offers up lots of insightful advice on writing. You know, things like “stop reading this blog and go write.”

Neil Gaiman — Enough said.

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