Book in a Minute: Horrorstor

HorrorstörHorrorstör by Grady Hendrix

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Clever and creepy!

A witty comment on the soulless nature of our consumer culture, this is also a truly creepy horror story with a fantastically original setting. A disparate group of Ikea – oops! make that Orsk – employees spend the night at the new Orsk megastore in hopes of figuring out whose been vandalizing the merchandise. The night starts out for some as a goofy lark and for others as a desperate effort to pick up some extra cash – but it quickly turns into a deadly nightmare.

The story is heavy on dread and foreboding and fortunately light on the grisly moments (although there are a couple). Characters who begin as potential cliches wind up being pleasantly well-developed and complex.

The idea of a haunted superstore is fresh and intriguing, and the packaging of the book is brilliant. It looks exactly like an Ikea Orsk catalog from start to finish and somehow that really pulls you into the setting of this twisted tale. In fact, I was so drawn into the story, I dashed through it in one day.

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It Will ALWAYS be the Year of Captain Tightpants

I decided to check out my WordPress stats, which was silly, since I haven’t had much time for blogging this year. But I am pleased and amused to report that the top search terms which led folks to this here blog are once again those classics: “Captain Tightpants” and “Fear of Drowning in a Car.”

resqme-yellow-keysFor those of you who share my dread of going anywhere near water while in a car, there’s this to offer you a false sense of safety. I keep it on my keychain, so I’ll know where to find it when the car hits the water and I begin to panic. Of course, I am a LOUSY swimmer, which is a large part of why I fear drowning in my car, so probably the ResqMe tool will be utterly useless. But not due to any design flaws on their part, my husband The Engineer informs me.



Now, for those of you who came here for a dose of Captain Tightpants, I offer you the following delights:

Serenity: Leaves on the Wind – a graphic novel by Zack Whedon!


Firefly Clue. But it really only makes sense if JAYNE did it. Every time.











And while it’s not Captain Tightpants, there’s always this. Yeah, he still cleans up pretty nice.

All Apologies

I know, I know. I took that little break in Lent and found seventeen other ways to waste time, and I’ve barely been back here since. I warned you about my attention issues, didn’t I? But I’m back and this week I’m starting a new revolving series of posts:

~ Buried Treasure highlights widely ignored or somewhat obscure movies, books and TV shows

~ This Writing Life highlights tips, advice and other wisdom about – what else? – writing

~ Love Letter To: is just what it says: my love letter to a favorite writer, performer, or maybe even fictional character.

and of course:

~ Random Thinking – like Random Dancing, but with your brain instead of your feet. A catch-all category for all my other blog posts, like all that stuff about zombies, Sheldon Cooper and Nathan Fillion