About Me

Me and a few of my favorite things – books, more books, a palm tree and a map.

I’m a writer, wife and mom – not necessarily in that order.

My “chick noir” suspense novel Thirty-Nine Again was called “a first-class mystery. . . and a first-class read” by RT Book Reviews.

I’ve also been known to write the occasional steamy romance, but that was mostly because my publisher told me to do it. It probably won’t happen again. One of those —Love Capri Style— is included in the 3WriterGals’ Sizzling Summer Boxed Set.

In a previous life as a journalist, my feature articles appeared regularly in major daily and weekly newspapers and magazines, including The Baltimore Sun, Harford Magazine and The Catholic Review.

A woman with serious attention issues, I have at various times in my life been: a child model, an actress, a stagehand, a secretary, a bank teller, a seller of ladies’ lingerie, a publicist, a freelance reporter, and—in a brief fit of practicality, a computer programmer. And now, apparently, I am a librarian. Eventually, I am bound to run out of professions.

My secret ambition is to be a Wench at The Renaissance Faire.

Click here to contact me.  You can also visit me at my Facebook page or on Twitter.

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