Book in a Minute: Station Eleven


In Emily St. John Mandel’s, Station Eleven, a troop of players and musicians wanders the land some twenty years after a fast-moving virus wipes out 99% of the population. Eerie and evocative. A wonderful hymn of praise to the importance of the arts, even in the most derelict of societies. Filled with vivid, haunting images. Mandel’s style reminded me a bit of Audrey Niffenegger – very dreamy yet grounded in a gritty sense of realism.

My only quibble is the rather flat, stereotypical nature of the one religious figure in the story. But maybe we’ll learn more about him someday in a prequel.

Also, I desperately wanted to see illustrations to go along with the descriptions of the two comic books alluded to throughout the book. Here’s hoping an astute publisher gets to work on releasing the Station Eleven graphic novels ASAP.



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  2. This book is getting a lot of good press. Glad that you enjoyed it.

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