Some great simple tips for supporting your favorite author from Judythe Morgan.

View from the Front Porch

Today’s book market is flooded. Don’t believe me check out the statistics…

According to Worldometers, so far this year 1,975,193 new book titles have been published.

In 2012, there were 3,500 books published each day in the US.

Btw, neither of these statistical sources include the number of eBooks published daily. Some sources estimate indie/self-publishing adds another 3,000 books per day.

That’s a lot of books. An author can get lost in such a vast sea no matter how much marketing they do. So what can be done to help your favorite author?

Buy their books.

Read their books.

Tell your friends about their books.

But most important, especially for Amazon books…

leave a review

Other ways to help an Amazon author:

  1. Add their book to your Amazon wish list, even if you already purchased it.
  2. Like other people’s reviews. You’ll see the question – Was this review helpful to you? –…

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  1. Thanks for the reblog, Lynn. Let’s hope our readers take our advice. 🙂

    • Judythe, I have trouble just getting across to authors that one of the best and cheapest book promos is to ask everyone they know to post an honest review at Amazon. Doesn’t have to be five stars – in fact, Amazon gets a little suspicious if all your reviews are 4 & 5 stars. And obviously, you don’t want too many 1 & 2 star reviews either! But the more reviews a books has, the more likely Amazon is to show that book to readers looking for a certain subject. So the more reviews the merrier!

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