My Favorite Pin

I love Pinterest. I know a lot of people don’t get it at all. They think it’s the ultimate time waster. But it’s turned out to be a fabulous place to save all those recipes I stumble across on the Interwebs, as well as a great place to save story ideas, favorite books, favorite quotes ~ and of course, favorite pics of Hollywood heartthrobs. Right now I’m sure you are asking yourself: What is Lynn’s most popular pin on Pinterest?

Surprisingly, it is not the picture of lemon cake for the Pinterest board promoting the cookbook, Bake, Love, Write to which I just contributed.

Nor is it one of the fabulous quotes about writing by Neil Gaiman or some other Word God. It is not even any of the many pictures of my erstwhile boyfriend Nathan Fillion or my current #1 boyfriend Tom Hiddleston.

Actually, the fave pin on my board is this very yummy Esquire magazine photo of Corey Stoll.


You’re welcome.


[* Corey is currently being cruelly forced to battle both zombies and a floppy toupee in the creepy Guillermo del Toro TV series “The Strain.” He previously caught my eye in an epically witty performance as Ernest Hemingway in Woody Allen‘s “Midnight in Paris.” But his very best role to date has to be the troubled, doomed congressman Peter Russo in “House of Cards.”]





  1. Loved “Bake, Love, Write”.

  2. That is a good photo of Corey Stoll. My food pins are the ones that get the most repins.

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