My Favorite Pin

I love Pinterest. I know a lot of people don’t get it at all. They think it’s the ultimate time waster. But it’s turned out to be a fabulous place to save all those recipes I stumble across on the Interwebs, as well as a great place to save story ideas, favorite books, favorite quotes […]

Bake, Love, Write

Originally posted on Suzie Tullett:
When USA Today best selling author, Lois Winston, came up with a brilliant idea for a different kind of collaboration I jumped at the chance to take part. Her idea – to bring together a bunch of authors, have us share one of our favourite dessert recipes, along with some sage advice on both love and writing… and…

My List of Favorite U2 Albums. Because John Scalzi.

So John Scalzi just posted his ranking of U2 albums in honor of the release of their new album, and that seemed like as good a reason as any for me to waste time on my own list. Also, how cool is it to discover that John Scalzi is a fan of MY BAND?! Because […]

Blogging About Books

For those of you who wonder where the hell I’ve been – I’ve been asking myself the same question. Froghammer has turned out to be an interesting place to work, some of it good-interesting, some of it bad-interesting, most of it just weird-and-chaotic-but-will-make-great-stories-in-books-someday-kind-of-interesting. However, I hate catty, bitchy people, so I’ve resolved to just keep […]