Apocalypse Noir

World of Trouble (The Last Policeman, #3)World of Trouble by Ben H. Winters

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The hapless detective, the loyal sidekick, the femme fatale, the unsolvable crime (or crimes) – all the crime noir tropes are here in Ben H. Winters’ wonderful “Last Policeman” trilogy. But the villain isn’t a goon or a crooked cop. The villain is Maia, a deadly asteroid hurtling straight toward Earth that renders notions of fairness and justice meaningless in the face of impending doom.

In the ultimate race against time, policeman Hank Palace, honorable to a fault, struggles to maintain law & order, mete out justice, and somehow protect his sister.

While others choose to abandon their jobs and families and party to the end, Hank follows the path he has always followed. Even as everyone else stops caring about concepts like fairness and justice, Hank goes on solving crimes and protecting the weak.

But what does his choice mean when honor itself will soon cease to exist, along with just about everything else on the planet? Is doing the honorable thing a foolish waste of time at the End of Days?

Winters pursues those questions as doggedly as Hank Palace would, offering up striking insights into the human psyche and a disquieting vision of a world waiting for the long good-bye.

“The Last Policeman” trilogy consists of The Last Policeman  (Book 1), Countdown City (Book 2), and World of Trouble (Book 3). All three books are intriguing and thought-provoking reads for lovers of science and science fiction — and achingly moving for readers who appreciate well-drawn characters trapped in desperate circumstances.

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