Spring Has Sprung

At last I have emerged from hibernation mode! I know how eagerly you must have been waiting for me. I’m hoping to get a full-length blog post up sometime this month, but it’s been crazy around here. Winter went on forever, killing my beloved Sue Subaru in the process. Then there were floods. Then I got a new job. I think. It’s complicated, but more on that later. However, I am beginning to suspect I work for Froghammer. What? You don’t know Froghammer?!?! Then you’re obviously not a “Slings and Arrows” fan, and you should be. Everyone should be.


And last but not least, Dr. Cooper is very much in the thick of graduation fever, suffering many, many bouts of senioritis along the way. So it’s been an eventful time, even if none of those events involved finishing a novel.

On the plus side, I’ve banded together with two fellow writers and dear friends to form our own anarcho-syndicalist writers’ commune. Also known as 3WriterGals. We’re releasing a boxed set of our summer-themed romances and who knows what we might get up to next?! Check out our Sizzling Summer Boxed Set and more about my fellow gals.

And now back to Graduation prep. More on writing as soon as I have time to do some 😉


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  1. carolynmat says:

    Your posts are always so amusing. I’m honored to be one of the 3WriterGals.


  1. […] looking for another part-time job (or additional freelance clients) to replace the bizarro world of Froghammer, and coping with learning a whole new way to eat after being diagnosed with about a dozen food […]

  2. […] who wonder where the hell I’ve been – I’ve been asking myself the same question. Froghammer has turned out to be an interesting place to work, some of it good-interesting, some of it […]

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