Bob Mayer: Complaining is not a business strategy: Bezos, Amazon & Darth Vader

Some brilliant insights into the Amazon/Hachette publishing controversy from Bob Mayer in his latest blog post! Advertisements

Breaking Up With My Boyfriend

  In the beginning, he was a bad boy — but strangely irresistible. The sort of man you felt almost compelled to obey.     Then he reformed. He became dashing and daring, trim and handsome beyond belief. He rescued damsels in distress, followed his own quirky code of honor and wore some amazingly tight […]

Spring Has Sprung

At last I have emerged from hibernation mode! I know how eagerly you must have been waiting for me. I’m hoping to get a full-length blog post up sometime this month, but it’s been crazy around here. Winter went on forever, killing my beloved Sue Subaru in the process. Then there were floods. Then I got […]