Book in a Minute: Apple Tree Yard

Apple Tree YardApple Tree Yard by Louise Doughty

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A clever, subtle story of suspense and deception. Adulteress Yvonne Carmichael and her lover stand in the dock at Old Bailey, accused of a heinous crime. Did they do it? And if so, which of them was the instigator, which one the pawn? Do even they know the answer?

This one was truly impossible for me to put down. I had a hectic schedule and couldn’t finish it in one sitting, although I desperately wanted to. So much so, that I wound up unable to sleep that night with wondering what came next. The next afternoon, with fifty pages to go and a couple of miles from home, I realized I’d left the book at my office. The thought of not being able to finish it that day was intolerable. I actually turned the car around and drove back to the office to pick up the book.

Which is not only a great advertisement for Louise Doughty’s taut, intense prose–it’s also a great argument for buying more ebooks in the future.

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