Book In a Minute: Starter House by Sonja Condit

Starter HouseStarter House by Sonja Condit

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I love a classic ghost story. Not the blood and guts, over-the-top, don’t-go-in-the-basement variety (although those can be good too). What I enjoy most is a story that quietly builds a sense of dread and impending doom–and Starter House by Sonja Condit delivers.

Lacey is pregnant with her first child and dreams of finding the perfect starter home. A realtor tries to warn her away from the house on Forrester Lane, but she needs the sale, so she doesn’t try too hard. Once Lacey and husband Eric move into the house, Lacey sinks into a bit of a depression. Having moved to a new town and given up her teaching job to prepare for the baby’s arrival, she has way too much time on her hands. The only thing that livens up her days is her rowdy visitor, a little boy named Drew. It doesn’t take Lacey or the reader long to realize that Drew is not from the neighborhood. Or at least, he’s not from the present-day neighborhood. As Drew demands more and more of Lacey’s time and attention, she begins to see that he wants her to join him in his new neighborhood–in the afterlife.

Lacey starts out trying to fit into her own image of what a “real mother” should be. She wants to be docile and conventional and a happy homemaker, unlike her own flakey vagabond of a mom (who is a magnificent secondary character in this story). But gradually, Lacey sees the value in her mother’s eccentricities and it helps her gain strength and courage to fight a very unconventional and terrifying battle for her home, her husband and her sanity.

A very promising first book, and I look forward to seeing more from this author!

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