Coming Soon…The Spring Thaw

Or at least, I sure hope so.  I usually love winter, and the colder the better. But this winter has me exhausted. Snow, then ice, then Polar Vortexes (Vortexi?). Enough already. Maybe I’m getting too old for this sort of thing. Maybe I’m just five years overdue for that early retirement and move to North Carolina the husband and I had been planning prior to the Great Financial Fiasco of 2008.  I should point out that I’m STILL angling for Santo Domingo when that happy retirement day finally dawns. Or Arizona or New Mexico, since I have some very cool friends out in the Southwest and I’d love to be closer to them. But until that beautiful day, I will be spending this and every February in hibernation mode, doing as little as possible to get through the days until at last the Sun is closer to my side of the planet.