Dear son, don’t let Robin Thicke be a lesson to you

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***Update, August 1: In response to the thousands of people who, after reading this entire post, decided to harp on one single phrase (“I’m no feminist”), I wrote this. If you want to know how I can say all the things I say here, yet still reject “feminism,”…

Slow Writing – Or, When Did Writing Stop Being About Writing?

I couldn’t help but notice Terri Ponce’s blog today. Terri is burnt out and has decided to take an extended break from writing. I say good for her. As many of you know, I’ve been struggling with the latest “chick noir” novel. I definitely have a big problem with “been there, done that” thinking and this […]

Neil Gaiman’s Eight Rules for Writing

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Neil Gaiman is without a doubt one of the most imaginative writers on the market today, so when he comes out with writing rules, you want to do exactly as he says.  I love that his suggestions are not really “secrets”, but rather no-nonsense approaches to writing, with the first…

Book in a Minute: Amy Falls Down

Amy Falls Down: A Novel by Jincy Willett My rating: 5 of 5 stars Curmudgeonly heroine Amy Gallup returns in Amy Falls Down , the delightful new book from her real-life alter ego, Jincy Willett. Amy was a literary sensation in her youth, and now gets along by teaching writing classes at the local community […]