Conspicuous Consumption for a Cause

It’s May and that can only mean one thing. No, not another big communist celebration in North Korea. Although apparently, those can be pretty cool:

And no, I wasn’t thinking of the traditional Catholic crowning of the Blessed Mother that usually happens in May. Although that is definitely pretty cool, as I can attest, having been the little girl who got to put the flower crown on Mary back in second grade:

(No, I’m not in this video. This is just a random YouTube video of a bunch of Catholic kids celebrating a May Festival. I was thrilled to find such a recent video of the ceremony because I was afraid May Festivals had gone the way of Meatless Fridays.)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Verabradley2013Even better than either of these classic events is Brenda Novak’s Annual Online Auction for Diabetes Research. Brenda has been doing this auction for many years and has raised millions of dollars in an effort to help kids like her own son, who has juvenile diabetes. All kinds of fabulous stuff is available at this year’s auction, including iPads, travel packages, and lunch dates with your favorite authors. For the writers among you, you can also bid on critiques of your work by bestselling authors, agents and/or editors from major publishing houses. There are also smaller items for those who’d like to pitch in and bid on something but who may not be able to fork over hundreds of dollars. I’ve been donating to the auction for several years, and for the second time, I’m donating a Vera Bradley set. This one’s in the “Jazzy Blooms” pattern and includes the tote bag, a wristlet cell phone & credit card holder, and a mirrored keychain. The auction runs throughout the month of May. Bid early and bid often!