Things To Do While Hibernating – What To Read

There are lots of wonderful winter books, but most of them center around Christmas. Here a few that don’t (for better or worse):



Winter’s Tale – the story of a thief, a dying girl, a magic horse and the gangs of New York. One of the best books ever. I hear it’s being made into a movie, but please please read this book first, because I cannot imagine the movie capturing the magical atmosphere of Mark Helprin‘s story.

The Shining – not at all a happy story, but a masterful example of using setting in your story. Indeed, the setting is really pretty much one of the main characters in this epic tale of rising terror. Again – THE BOOK, not the movie. Although the movie is good and scary, it’s not the same story. Really.

The Call of the Wild – or pretty much anything by Jack London. But probably not “To Build A Fire,” unless you want to get really bummed out

Doctor Zhivago – well, probably any Russian novel would work. But my preference is for Zhivago when we’re talking about winter stories.


Find links to all of these at my Winter Reads Board on Pinterest. I’m hanging out there a lot these days.







  1. Hi Lynn: The Shining is one of my all time favorite books; I think it’s King’s best actually. I loved The Dead Zone because of the psychological drama. When I read Dr. Zhivago, many years ago, I fell in love with the old Russia (that and Anna Karinina). My writing is more supernatural (the spirit world), but I love to dive into period pieces because these stories are worlds beyond our own too. I’ve always wanted to read Winter’s Tale and it’s still on my to-read list. You’ve reminded me. Your site is lovely!

    • Thanks for stopping by, Paula. I checked out your blog and enjoyed your post about “The Yellow Wallpaper.” A fascinating story on so many levels and one of my faves.

      You should definitely read Winter’s Tale, it’s a great story to get lost in!

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