Ash Wednesday

Teach us to care and not care. Teach us to sit still. ~ T. S. Eliot, “Ash Wednesday” I’m an indifferent Catholic at best, but I love the rituals and ceremonies of the Church. Today is Ash Wednesday, and every year, Catholics give up something starting today, as preparation for Easter. When you’re little, you […]

Things To Do While Hibernating – What To Read

There are lots of wonderful winter books, but most of them center around Christmas. Here a few that don’t (for better or worse):   Winter’s Tale – the story of a thief, a dying girl, a magic horse and the gangs of New York. One of the best books ever. I hear it’s being made […]

Things To Do While Hibernating – What to Eat

I was going to write a lot of words hear about some of my favorite winter recipes. Calorie and carb laden comfort festivals like chili and cornbread, Jamie Oliver’s low-budget Beef Wellington, and two family favorites: Nanny’s Tomato Noodle Soup and traditional Maryland Crab Soup. But you know, my new fave app Rescue Time tells […]