Things To Do While Hibernating – What to Watch

Last time I posted, I talked about my great desire to spend the winter hibernating. I know many of you share this desire, and while annoying petty inconveniences like family, friends, and jobs make total winter hibernation impossible, we have to do what we can to support our team. I guess that would be Team […]


Every year around this time, Dr. Cooper enters “The Tunnel.” The Man and I have called it this since Dr. Cooper was at least six years old. The good doctor enters the tunnel soon after Halloween and doesn’t really come out again until sometime after President’s Day. When he’s in the Tunnel, everything becomes a […]

The Captain Tightpants Year in Review

Why, you are asking yourself, is this blog post entitled “The Captain Tightpants Year in Revew?” Well, I checked out my blog stats (which I rarely do) and discovered something interesting. Apparently, my readers want more Captain Tightpants. And a little Jake Weber now and then wouldn’t hurt either. In fact, I should probably think […]