Clearing the Decks

So I’ve been getting more and more erratic with the blog, as you, my few loyal and devoted followers, no doubt have noticed. What can I say? School resumed, and since we live 30 miles from my son’s high school, that means enormous amounts of time spent in the car. No, I can’t blog while […]

B*tches Be Crazy

So it’s looking like Dr. Sheldon Cooper is turning out to be an even bigger magnet for weirdos than I was in my youth. And I was an incredible weirdo super-magnet, believe me.  Plus. he’s starting with the weirdo magnetism way earlier than I did—in his teens, whereas I was such a wallflower, I didn’t […]

Are you missing me?

I’m not sure what really happened, but suddenly I noticed it’s been over two weeks since I posted here. I’m going to blame Dr. Sheldon Cooper’s crazy schedule. Being his personal chauffeur is quite time-consuming, and now that school’s back in session, the mileage really goes up. Here’s an absolute promise to catch up on […]