Book in a Minute: Paris in Love

Paris in Love: A MemoirParis in Love: A Memoir by Eloisa James

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A delicious confection. Like a fine French pastry, Eloisa James’ Paris in Love offers a light, airy outer layer – college professor and family spend a year in Paris and have lots of comical adventures trying to adjust to the different pace of life, the new language, and of course, the food.

But also like a French pastry, that light exterior hides a rich, fulfilling interior – in which said college professor frankly discusses her own bout with breast cancer and its affect on her self-image, the state of her marriage, and the decline of her beloved poet father (Robert Bly).

If that makes it sound like heavy going, it’s really not. James writes with the insouciant wit that characterizes her best-selling historical romance novels. I especially loved her tales of her precocious (and rather theatrical) daughter Anna trying to adjust to her new school, and the stories about their chronically obese chihuahua were a riot. Food plays a big part in the book – naturallement, since we are in Paris, and James even includes someĀ delicious recipes.

A delightful read – and also excellent as an audiobook narrated by the author.

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Author: Wordsmith Lynn

I'm a writer, wife and mom - not necessarily in that order. I mostly write contemporary romantic suspense and mysteries. My "chick noir" suspense novel Thirty-Nine Again was called "a first-class mystery. . . and a first-class read" by RT Book Reviews. My secret ambition is to be a Wench at The Renaissance Faire. Seriously.

2 thoughts on “Book in a Minute: Paris in Love”

  1. I read an excerpt of this book in Good Housekeeping. I enjoyed the excerpt so I’d probably enjoy the book. I’m not a fan of her romances but this memoir sounds like a lot of fun.

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