Some Wise Advice for Frustrated Writers Everywhere

I love Chuck Wendig. This guy is hilarious and profane and completely true. His blog about the writing life is very appropriately called Terrible Mind and today it features his list of twenty-five reasons why you should just quit writing NOW.

They’re all hilarious, but #5 is my fave:

5. Hell, Maybe You’re Too Good

Alternately, you might be too talented. Your works are literary masterpieces, as if Raymond Carver, James Joyce and Don DeLillo contributed their authorial seed and poured it on the earth where it grew the tree that would one day be slaughtered to provide the paper for your magnum opus. And meanwhile, someone goes and writes porny Twilight fan-fiction and gets a billion-dollar book deal thanks to the tepid BDSM fantasies of housewives everywhere. You’re just too good for this. As you seem unwilling to write the S&M fan-fic version of The Hunger Games for a seven-figure-deal… well. This way to the great egress!


For his full list, click here.

WARNING: Lots of graphic language. I mean it. So don’t click on the link if you’re uncomfortable with that sort of thing.



  1. Paula Karr says:

    Okay, here goes the editor in me again. Shouldn’t your article’s title be “Some Wise Advice for Frustrated Writers Everywhere”? LOL.

  2. This is so funny. There’s much truth in jest. I didn’t like what he said about self-pubbing but he kind of saved himself later by saying some good authors self-publish. I feel like going over to his house and kicking him in the shins.

    • Carolyn, you crack me up. He IS a self-published author! But he’s right that a lot of people are putting a lot of crap out there and it doesn’t make self-pubbed writers look good. Inevitably there will be an anti-self-pubbing backlash.

      Sent from my iPod

  3. Whoa! You’ve got a new design already. It’s different!

    Why didn’t we realize our problem was being too good? It always takes an outsider to see the truth.

    • I told you, it’s a work in progress. This is the danger of doing your own site maintenance. But I think I’m really getting close to the final edition though.

  4. This makes me feel so much better about writing. Oh my goodness, thank you.

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