Lynn Reynolds’ Career is Over

I saw this headline when I Googled myself earlier today — oh, come on, stop snickering. you know you do it too. It alarmed me because I wondered if maybe my boss was waiting until after the Memorial Day holiday to tell me some bad news. Then I remembered I’m my own boss, so I […]

The Zombie Thing Again

Found this buried in one of my albums on Facebook.   I tried canning once, but it was hot and messy and then I kept worrying that I didn’t do it right and the food would kill us when we finally ate it. So when the zombies do come (which will be soon, I just […]

Some Wise Advice for Frustrated Writers Everywhere

I love Chuck Wendig. This guy is hilarious and profane and completely true. His blog about the writing life is very appropriately called Terrible Mind and today it features his list of twenty-five reasons why you should just quit writing NOW. They’re all hilarious, but #5 is my fave: 5. Hell, Maybe You’re Too Good […]

Textbook Romance

A while ago, my friend’s college-age daughter was despairing about the boring nature of textbooks and the pain of trying to make the word count for her latest history paper, which was about Hernando Cortes. Her mom and I suggested the obvious things: bigger margins, bigger font and lots of adjectives and adverbs. Manly, manly […]

Zombies and Ferris Wheels, or More Irrational Fears

So Castle is apparently tapping into my brain while I sleep and basing their episodes on all my not-so-secret fears. Or somebody there is reading my blog! How cool would that be??? Whoever it is, tell Nathan I said, “Captain.” He’ll know what I mean. But now, about this tapping into my secret fears thing: not […]