Is This a Crime?

Walking While Stupid

Because it should be.

I’m coming off the exit ramp from a very busy highway. You know, one of those roads where people go real real fast?! And it kind of curves too, so you don’t really see anything coming at you until the last minute. But see, it’s a freakin’ exit ramp, okay? So there really shouldn’t be something coming at you.

And yet there is.

It’s a STUPID WOMAN on a Cell Phone. So stupid, she deserves capital letters. Because STUPID WOMAN is not only strolling up the exit ramp to the highway while chattering away on a cell phone, she is also pushing a baby carriage. One-handed.

All I can think is: Why??? There is absolutely no reason for her to be here. Behind her, off of the ramp, is a state road that has these crazy things called sidewalks. They are just fab for walking babies in carriages, let me tell you. Cars rarely drive onto them. Also a short distance behind her is a shopping center. It has sidewalks too. And a park with a walking trail and a playground. If getting fresh air for the baby is your goal, any of these would be a better choice than heading for the Interstate.

But Lynn, you say, maybe her car is back there on the Interstate and it broke down.

Seriously? Did you really just say that? Because I briefly did think that before I realized there were NO broken down cars by the side of the highway I’d just come off of. And anyway, would you load the kid in the stroller and head back and forth on the highway while waiting for AAA? I thought not.

I narrowly miss her as I come off the ramp and expect her to give me a nasty look. But she doesn’t. And that’s even more alarming than the nasty look would have been. Because she didn’t even notice me. She’s in her own little cell phone world, ranting about some perceived problem in her life that isn’t going to seem like much of a problem at all when that 18-wheeler behind me comes whipping onto this curving exit ramp.


Author: Wordsmith Lynn

I'm a writer, wife and mom - not necessarily in that order. I mostly write contemporary romantic suspense and mysteries. My "chick noir" suspense novel Thirty-Nine Again was called "a first-class mystery. . . and a first-class read" by RT Book Reviews. My secret ambition is to be a Wench at The Renaissance Faire. Seriously.

2 thoughts on “Is This a Crime?”

  1. I LOVE the idea of a Rant of the Day.

    If the woman continues this behavior, she could end up as “remains of the day.”

    What’s really amazing is how you got that terrific shot of her while driving by. 😉

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