Captain Trips

I’m standing in the post office and the guy behind me is having a fit. There’s no one at the desk and he’s in a hurry. I say, “I rang the little bell, someone should be out shortly.” This is a small town/rural post office where we actually know the folks who work there and […]

Is This a Crime?

Because it should be. I’m coming off the exit ramp from a very busy highway. You know, one of those roads where people go real real fast?! And it kind of curves too, so you don’t really see anything coming at you until the last minute. But see, it’s a freakin’ exit ramp, okay? So […]

A New Beginning. Or maybe just a slow fade.

As I said in the last post at my old blog, I’m making some changes this year. I’ve got the rights back to the two books I published with The Wild Rose Press and plan to republish them with new covers. This should end the whole pesky “lesbian porn” issue. It seems a number of […]