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Fall, 2014

The Sizzling Summer boxed set is history. The 3WriterGals have put it away in the attic with the short-shorts and maxi sundresses until next summer. Although we are toying with the idea of reviving it sometime in January, mostly because it’s cheaper than an actual trip to Capri to get away from the snow. I know my friends in New York are already sick of the snow and winter isn’t even here yet.

Meanwhile, here’s a great holiday gift, for loved ones or for yourself. It’s a book filled with deliciousness! And also some great advice on love and writing.

When USA Today best selling author, Lois Winston, came up with a brilliant idea for a different kind of collaboration over 100 of her writer friends decided to join her. Her idea – bring together a bunch of authors and have us share our favorite dessert recipes, along with some sage advice on love and writing.

And here’s the result of Lois’ idea: Bake Love Write: 105 Authors Share Dessert Recipes and Advice on Love and Writing. I’ve contributed a vegan lemon cake recipe. (No, I’m not a vegan, but there are allergies to milk and eggs amongst the members of our household, so vegan desserts are how we roll most of the time.)

In other news, I have returned to the Kindle fold, chastened by my sad sales record at Smashwords and Barnes and Noble. From now on, my ebooks will be available exclusively as Kindle editions. See the Books page for info on how you can easily read Kindle ebooks on your iPad or on your Android device. Print editions are still available everywhere.

A new “chick noir” book will be out in Summer 2015 – at long last!


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Enjoy and thanks for stopping by! ~ Lynn


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